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“ A moving account of visionary and successful efforts targeting some of the world’s most disenfranchised but deeply appreciative and enthusiastic individuals, this is highly recommended. ”

M. Puffer-Rothenberg

“STATE OF FEAR shows all too clearly how terror can contaminate a country… As if trapped in a suspense film, we are forced to follow this escalation of violence step by tragic step, slowly understanding how so many Peruvians were poisoned by this maelstrom of madness and cruelty. ”

Ariel Dorfman

“We tend to steer away from film recommendations here, but a documentary about the International Criminal Court, airing on BPS, should be worth your while.”

American Lawyer

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Presumed Guilty (Home Use)

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When the Mountains Tremble (Home Use): English DVD

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When the Mountains Tremble (Home Use): Spanish DVD