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Honor the Guatemalan quest for justice on May 10th

How can you commemorate the second anniversary of the #SentenciaPorGenocidio?

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Download these instructions in .pdf format

1. Read the verdict: Record and upload a short video of yourself reading a passage from the guilty verdict of Ríos Montt, and share it on Facebook, www.facebook.com/sentenciaporgenocidio,  as well as Instagram, Vine, Flipagram, YouTube. Add the hashtag #SentenciaPorGenocidio with each video.

Choose any passage from Judge Yasmín Barrios’s sentence: http://osf.to/1Jovntj. Or record a video reading the best known part of the sentence: “We do not want these types of actions to repeat themselves. We truly believe that in order for peace to exist in Guatemala, first justice must exist.”

2. Share a memory or opinion: Record and upload a short video answering one of the following questions and share it on Facebook (www.facebook.com/sentenciaporgenocidio) and on Instagram, Vine, Flipagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Add the hashtag #SentenciaPorGenocidio with each video.

Suggested Questions:

– Has something changed in Guatemala because of the verdict?

– Have you changed at all because of the guilty verdict?

3. Find a photo or drawing that represents this historical moment in Guatemala and upload it to the Facebook page, www.facebook.com/sentenciaporgenocidio as well as on your own social networking sites (Instagram, Flipagram, YouTube, Twitter), using the hashtag #SentenciaPorGenocidio.

4. Help us share information

– “Public opinion on racism and genocide in during the Guatemalan genocide trial against Efraín Ríos Montt,” Marta Elena Casaus Arzú,  http://bit.ly/1KJMnev

– Read the International Justice Monitor Trial Monitor Blog on Efraín Ríos Montt: http://bit.ly/1E5a0JY

– Watch the video “The Verdict, Produced by Skylight: https://vimeo.com/74675028

– Read Open Society’s “The Full Ríos Montt Judgment”, http://osf.to/1Jovntj

Nora Christiani

Nora is the Outreach Director at Skylight.