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Skylight Labs


Skylight merges the art of filmmaking with the world of social justice advocacy and grassroots activism, constructing a human rights media ecosystem through long-term engagement and collaboration with movement actors.

We want to share our model with you. 

Skylight SolidariLabs, or Labs for short, have a regional focus, creating spaces where the key local actors can come together and work through our methodology, bringing together social change organizations, whether they be social enterprise or human rights, with media makers and technology specialists to foster ongoing relationships that underpin a powerful media ecosystem. The products of these collaborations will strengthen messages emanating from activists and movements, and the collaborations themselves serve to help build the field and foster strategic linkages between media makers and social change actors, thereby strengthening the movements.

SolidariLab: Colombia

Our pilot Lab will take place in Colombia in October 2016 with 24 Colombian artists and activists. Visit our SolidariLab Colombia page for more information.