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SolidariLab Colombia 2016


24 to October 28, 2016
The SolidariLabs are designed to open a creative space where filmmakers, audiovisual producers, technology experts, and journalists, along with community leaders and human rights activists, can foster relationships to help generate new and impactful narratives on issues of social justice.

The open call is currently closed.

Contact us with questions: labs@skylight.is

Skylight, a media human rights organization based in New York, brings together the expert facilitator, Gibran Rivera with international mentors to share and deepen Skylight’s mission to produce media narratives alongside social movements.

The SolidariLabs enable participants to identify and confront the difficulties that arise from creative collaborations. The workshop will seek practical approaches for successful cooperation, sharing strategies for collective action, and strengthening solidarity through an extensive network of colleagues and collaborators.

The SolidariLab | Colombia will be an intensive five-day residency in a retreat outside of Bogotá, and is limited to a selection of 20 participants. Our work will aim to cultivate the link between justice, media and culture. We want to nurture an ecosystem made up of people with multidisciplinary skills engaged in social transformation.

We believe that culture is the most effective tool for effecting social change. Artists and activists shape culture, but too often we work in isolation from each other. It is time for those who influence culture to show solidarity in the search for the transformation we hope to achieve.

Our political and economic systems have failed us, incapable of providing solutions to the crises facing humanity. We need a new narrative. Exponential change stems from our values and beliefs. By nurturing a highly collaborative ecosystem of activists, filmmakers, artists, and movement leaders, we are creating a set of conditions that will help promote this change. To the extent that we as creators of culture establish ties of solidarity among ourselves, and bring together our passions and skills, we will begin to innovate in ways that will increase our impact exponentially.

We are coming together through the foundations of justice, media and culture because we are convinced that nurturing that bond is an essential step in forming a new society. This is our work.

The SolidariLab has no registration fee and is only open to residents of Colombia. The cost of travel, lodging, and meals of participants will be covered by SolidariLabs.

SolidariLab Team | Colombia

Paco de Onís

Executive Director
Alejandra Sacio

Alejandra Sacio

Digital Communications Director
Pamela Yates

Pamela Yates

Creative Director

Nora Christiani

SolidariLab | Colombia Coordinator

Ricardo Restrepo

SolidariLab | Colombia Producer
Head Shots

Gibrán Rivera

SolidariLab | Colombia Facilitator
What to we do at the SolidariLab?

Skylight Presentations

They include well structured lectures and workshops that share the Skylight model and best practices for collaborations between independent storytellers and movement actors to create bonds of solidarity that deepen the creative process.

Ignite Talks

An ignite talk is a presentation format in which speakers have five minutes to talk on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Participants and organizations can prepare an ignite talk describing their work and its impact, or perhaps what it is they are aiming to do.

Mentor Consultations

Mentors each from each SolidariLab can offer advice and support to solve problems or advance projects.

Design Experiments

Participants will articulate creative experiments to achieve social change that could be set in motion after the SolidariLab.

Design Together

A set of creative constraints aimed at building teams in a way that participants get to know each other's strengths and weaknesses will structure these “Design Sessions” where participants must work together to creative address a challenge.

Peer Consultancies

Participants support each other to solve problems or advance projects that would benefit from the different knowledge offered by each participant.

After the SolidariLab...

As follow-up to the SolidariLab, there will be a consultancy to foster opportunities for creative collaborations that take place in the SolidariLab, as well as sharing strategies to fundraise for projects. Over time a we will build a network of SolidariLabs participants that will meet regularly to share their experiences and to create shared strategies for social change.