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There are no upcoming events at this time.

Outreach and Engagement

BK @ 24 FPS

BK @24FPS seeks to highlight documentary films as a way to to expand dialogue around the intersection of human rights and art. Born out of a three-way, informal, partnership between  Skylight, UnionDocs, and WITNESS, these monthly events aim to strengthen the ties between people interested in human rights in Brooklyn and will consist of, a 10-part series of film screenings followed by a partner-moderated discussion between the filmmaker, movement actors, and the audience. During our discussions we will debate the conventional framework for human rights and challenge the definition of what constitutes human rights media. For more information visit our BK@24FPS Page.


Skylight MasterClass

The Skylight Masterclass is a 2-4 hour workshop led by Director Pamela Yates and Producer Paco de Onís, in which they share Skylight’s model of human rights filmmaking through case studies of Skylight’s work throughout the past 30 years. We’ve presented the MasterClass at universities, conferences, film festivals, and schools all around the world. We are currently working on an online version of the MasterClass. For a preview of a past MasterClass, visit this recording of a presentation we did at the Media that Matters Conference 2010.

Academic Screening Packages

Bring filmmakers to your classroom! Academic Screening Packages include DVD and streaming licenses, workshops and Q&A’s, virtual discussions and webinars, access to digital media projects and educational resources. For more information, visit our Academic Screening Packages page

500 Years Outreach Campaign

Movement Against Impunity in Guatemala

A Mayan nonviolent resistance movement to protect ancestral lands is galvanized by the first trial in the history of the Americas to judge the genocide of indigenous peoples in 2013 of Efraín Ríos Montt. Since the trial tens of thousands of Mayan protesters have been filling the plazas
of regional capitals in the altiplano, denouncing the government’s military response to support the claims of extractive industries.

Recent massive protests the largest in decades in the main plaza of Guatemala City, had people pouring in from all over the country, and forced the resignation of the Vice President and then the President Otto Pérez Molina, as well as other top government officials. Protestors across wide swaths of Guatemalan society are calling for an end to corruption and impunity, and for the constitutional assembly to restructure the government to build a more inclusive society. We are witnessing a sea change in Guatemalan society, driven by the Mayan people.

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