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Uniting media-makers and activists to promote social change

Our theory of change is that powerful, well-crafted storytelling is central to social movements and quests for justice, and that it is necessary to create alternative media ecosystems to deliver those narratives. Now through SolidariLabs we want to structure our knowledge and experience into a model designed to share our media craft and strategies with key actors in social justice movements, and open a space where filmmakers and activists can build relationships of lasting trust and generate collaborations around shared issue areas.

What are the SolidariLabs?

SolidariLabs consist of a high-threshold application process, followed by a 5 day transformational workshop in which filmmakers, artists, activists, movement actors, NGOs, and other social justice professionals come together. The focus of the Lab is networking, building a cross-discipline coalition in the country that the Lab takes place in.

SolidariLabs creates a set of conditions–conditions for emergence–where people with different professional backgrounds and life experiences can connect over a shared vision of social change.

SolidariLabs will combine a relational space, in which authentic relationships can emerge, with a professional space, in which artists and activists can create a shared knowledge base around a human rights issue, working towards the three simultaneous goals of developing capacity, building a coalition, and cultivating leadership potential among the individual participants.

What happens at a SolidariLab?
  • Skylight Presentations will include well structured more didactic talks that share the Skylight model and best practices for collaborations between independent storytellers and movement actors.
  • Design Together: A set of creative constraints aimed at building teams in a way that participants get to know each others’ strengths and weaknesses will structure these “Design Sessions” where participants must work together to creative address a challenge.
  • Ignite Talks: An ignite talk is a presentation format in which speakers have five minutes to talk on a subject accompanied by 20 slides. Participants and organizations can prepare an ignite talk describing their work and its impact, or perhaps what it is they are aiming to do.
  • Peer Consultancies: Participants support each other in problem solving or moving forward projects that would benefit from the cross-pollination of expertise present in the room.
  • Each-one-teach-one: Participants who are particularly good at something offer to teach it to participants who might be interested in learning that something
  • Design Experiments: Participants articulate small experiments to actually bring into the world after the lab.
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