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Matilde Terraza
Ixil Coordinator Consultant
[:en]Matilde Terraza (Maya Ixil) studies International Relations at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, with certificates in Strengthening Institutions and Public Administration. She has also been trained in the areas of public policy, transparency, and women’s empowerment within diverse US institutions such as The Leadership Institute, the Leadership Treck Corporation, Scripps College and Mount Saint Mary’s College. She was born in March 1982 in Guatemala, the year of the Ixil genocide. A child of a disappeared, she considers herself a survivor of the Ixil genocide, and feels it necessary to understand her past and history and her people’s past and history and illuminate the causes of forced disappearance 27 years later. With her personal ties to the cause, she has become active advocate for human rights, indigenous and women’s issues, and democracy and politics. She works closely with Skylight Pictures, dedicated to documenting human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Matilde was the translator for Skylight’s Granito: How to Nail A Dictator” into Ixil, her native language, and is currently translating Dictator in the Dock with the goal of preserving the collective memory of the Ixil community. Dedicated to the social and political development for her community and country, Matilde has extensive experience as a leader and coordinator. She has volunteered as an electoral observer, program manager, and volunteer coordinator with Acción Ciudadana in the recent re-elections of the mayor of Nebaj. She has also trained women in leadership to involve them in the democratic process of Guatemala and abroad. She also has co-founded and advised organizations with an approach to civil society empowerment. Matilde is a member of the global Women’s Democracy Network as well as a member of the “Women in Public Service Project” of The Institute for Women’s in Latin America of Scripps College and of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars to strengthen the next generation of leaders.[:]