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Celso Calel Véliz shares his experience using The Resistance Saga trilogy as an educational tool

Celso, participant of SolidariLabs Guatemala, shares with us his experience of screening the trilogy of The Resistance Saga as part of a certificate program in human rights for young people from the Polochic communities (Tucurú, La Tinta and Tamahú) in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Narration in English:

So I want to tell you that we had the third film screening, this time it was 500 YEARS: Life in Resistance. The youth were very interested in seeing the material. Our intention is to create a conversation around the issue of citizen participation, involvement in political spaces, in order to build social awareness so that they they can build citizenship. These films  have really eye-opening for them, a steep learning curve. Our ideas is that they can also then generate intentional discussions in their communities, create solid community bases and social consciousness, and that they can link up with the different social movements. Especially right now, at this moment in the country it’s interesting for the youth to know about the  historical memory of the country. There was a great debate amongst us, and the youth showed real interest in building a better country. Their interest was also in how to create dignified living conditions for everyone in their communities. So, for me, it was gratifying to screen these three films for them, because they were able to learn a lot and they are very grateful.

Ximena Amescua Cuenca

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