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Indigenous people are being systematically excluded in the COVID-19 pandemic response mechanisms. That’s why we are supporting the International Mayan League. And we’re asking you to join us!

Based in Washington DC, the Mayan League is working tirelessly to bring COVID-19 information in Mayan languages to millions of indigenous migrants and refugees in communities across the US, as well as those being held in ICE custody in immigration detention centers, and those forced to wait in squalid refugee camps in Mexico hoping to apply for asylum.

For the next four weeks we will be free-streaming our Guatemalan trilogy of films: When the Mountains Tremble” (1982), “Granito: How to Nail a Dictator” (2011), and “500 YEARS” (2017) that tell the story of Mayan resistance to the U.S. backed authoritarian regimes whose oppression and genocidal acts forced millions to flee to the U.S. to seek refuge and economic survival.

As a gesture of solidarity we ask that you make a donation of any amount to the International Mayan League so that they can create indigenous language materials about the COVID-19 for the most vulnerable refugees and migrants in the Guatemalan diaspora. This includes written materials, Public Service Announcement videos and “I speak language” cards. This will ensure that people will be informed about where to find food and health centers and/or access to computers for long distance learning for their sons and daughters in their respective locations. It will help many who don’t speak English nor Spanish to get a translator who can help them access life-saving medical assistance.

Juanita Cabrera Lopez, Executive Director of the International Mayan League

When Europeans arrived in the Americas they brought death and destruction mainly in the form of infectious diseases. Within 100 years of their arrival nearly 90% of indigenous people had died. It was a demographic collapse. Let’s be sure that today we help get people the information, medical assistance, food and services that they need to survive COVID-19.

To stream the English, Spanish or in the case of “Granito”, Ixil or K’iche’ Mayan language versions of our films, just drop us an email here, specify the language you want, and we will send you the link:

All we ask is that you please donate generously to the International Mayan League here:

Pamela Yates

Pamela Yates is a an award-winning filmmaker and co-founder/Creative Director of Skylight Pictures, a company dedicated to creating feature length documentary films and digital media tools that advance awareness of human rights and the quest for justice by implementing multi-year outreach campaigns designed to engage, educate and activate social change.

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