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The Resistance Saga

The Resistance Saga Trilogy is a cinematic event that tells the epic story of the Guatemalan Resistance from the Mayan perspective. In so many ways, indigenous peoples throughout the Americas have set the example of long-term courageous and strategic resistance against daunting odds, with a powerful example being the saga of the Mayan people as depicted in director Pamela Yates’ films When the Mountains Tremble, Granito: How to Nail a Dictator and now 500 YEARS. The event is an immersive gathering that includes all three films, and in many cases is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

BK @ 24 FPS

BK @24FPS seeks to highlight documentary films as a way to to expand dialogue around the intersection of human rights and art. Born out of a three-way, informal, partnership between  Skylight, UnionDocs, and WITNESS, these monthly events aim to strengthen the ties between people interested in human rights in Brooklyn and will consist of, a 10-part series of film screenings followed by a partner-moderated discussion between the filmmaker, movement actors, and the audience. During our discussions we will debate the conventional framework for human rights and challenge the definition of what constitutes human rights media. For more information visit our BK@24FPS Page.

Academic Screening Packages

Bring filmmakers to your classroom! Academic Screening Packages include DVD and streaming licenses, workshops and Q&A’s, virtual discussions and webinars, access to digital media projects and educational resources. 

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