YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MEDIA uses an open platform approach. Once you sign up you will have access to all levels of the presentation for an extended time. You will be free to move through the presentation at any pace you want, without time constraints. Most people find that they spend about 6-hours total in exploring and interacting with the presentation, fellow participants, and Skylight.

The Resistance Saga

The Resistance Saga is a traveling event designed to celebrate and stoke resistance as we face authoritarianism and demagogy in the wake of the 2016 election. In an immersive experience that we take to communities across the United States, we share the Skylight model of using the cinematic and storytelling arts in movement building. We seek to exchange ideas and reach newly engaged activists and local grassroots organizations by sharing the tactics and knowledge from over 35 years of impact storytelling. As The Resistance Saga tour rolls out, we see an opportunity to form a broad intersectional network of solidarity that gathers force across issues, campaigns and movements. Learn more here.

BK @ 24 FPS

BK @24FPS seeks to highlight documentary films as a way to to expand dialogue around the intersection of human rights and art. Born out of a three-way, informal, partnership between  Skylight, UnionDocs, and WITNESS, these monthly events aim to strengthen the ties between people interested in human rights in Brooklyn and will consist of, a 10-part series of film screenings followed by a partner-moderated discussion between the filmmaker, movement actors, and the audience. During our discussions we will debate the conventional framework for human rights and challenge the definition of what constitutes human rights media. For more information visit our BK@24FPS Page.

Academic Screening Packages

Bring filmmakers to your classroom! Academic Screening Packages include DVD and streaming licenses, workshops and Q&A’s, virtual discussions and webinars, access to digital media projects and educational resources. 

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