Don’t believe it when people say “you can’t change the world” ––

For over three decades Skylight has pioneered methods for making and using human rights media that have had visible impact on the course of social development, progress, democracy, and human rights.

Now, for the first time, this experience has been synthesized into a compelling, immersive, online experience; a self-guided tour through making and using human rights media to change the world. Users will be able to communicate with Skylight through discussion portals throughout the Class.

This immersive experience will open your eyes to possibilities for making and using media as part of humanity’s ongoing quest to live in a just and sustainable world.

You don’t have to be a filmmaker to appreciate this experience. This immersion and exploration of the world of human rights filmmaking will be an exciting and intellectually stimulating journey for all who choose to participate. You may be a lover of documentaries, a human rights advocate, an activist or student, a lawyer or student of law; we are certain that you will find something here that expands your thinking and appreciation, and ultimately your ability to make and use human rights media to change the world.

“While I have always had an interest in storytelling and human rights, I was not aware of the way the two can be brought together to enact change, which I think is something very important to know, especially now in this age of social media and streaming devices.” – Student, Texas State University

How it Works

YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MEDIA uses an open platform approach. Once you sign up you will have access to all levels of the presentation for an extended time. You will be free to move through the presentation at any pace you want, without time constraints. Most people find that they spend about 6-hours total in exploring and interacting with the presentation, fellow participants, and Skylight.

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