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“The Reckoning” nominated for the PUMA Impact Award!

We’re thrilled that our film The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court has been nominated for the PUMA Creative Impact Award, announced last night in a ceremony at the Durban International Film Festival.  The PUMA is a new annual award that looks set to become the Oscar of impact, outreach and audience engagement for social justice films.

We have been doing a huge amount of outreach with The Reckoning over the past 3 years all over the globe, doing our best to increase knowledge of how the International Criminal Court (ICC) operates in the world, and the inherent drama of trying to fulfill a justice mandate to bring perpetrators of massive crimes to account.  It’s nice to receive recognition, and now we just have keep our fingers crossed for the final decision on October 11 – the PUMA carries a 50,000 euro prize, no small piece of change!

Paco de Onís

Paco is the Executive Director and Executive Producer of Skylight, a human rights media organization dedicated to advancing social justice through storytelling by creating documentary films and media tools that can applied in long-term strategies for positive social change.

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