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“A Hymn to the Power of Filmmaking”

This really captures the essence of “Granito: How To Nail A Dictator”: “‘Granito'” is remarkable for allowing two intertwined stories, one global and the other personal, to unfold together.  It presents the hurricane of violence that enveloped Guatemala 25 years ago not just as a historical horror, but as a lens through which the filmmaker examines herself, her values, and her relationship to her art.  Subtle, provocative, and deeply original, it is a hymn to both the nobility of Guatemalans and the power of filmmaking.”

This great quote came from Stephen Kinzer, co-author of “Bitter Fruit: The Story of the American Coup in Guatemala”, an inspiration for the making of “When the Mountains Tremble”, the prequel to “Granito”.

Paco de Onís

Paco is the Executive Director and Executive Producer of Skylight, a human rights media organization dedicated to advancing social justice through storytelling by creating documentary films and media tools that can applied in long-term strategies for positive social change.

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