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Honor the Guatemalan quest for justice on May 10th

How can you commemorate the second anniversary of the #SentenciaPorGenocidio?

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Download these instructions in .pdf format

1. Read the verdict: Record and upload a short video of yourself reading a passage from the guilty verdict of Ríos Montt, and share it on Facebook,,  as well as Instagram, Vine, Flipagram, YouTube. Add the hashtag #SentenciaPorGenocidio with each video.

Choose any passage from Judge Yasmín Barrios’s sentence: Or record a video reading the best known part of the sentence: “We do not want these types of actions to repeat themselves. We truly believe that in order for peace to exist in Guatemala, first justice must exist.”

2. Share a memory or opinion: Record and upload a short video answering one of the following questions and share it on Facebook ( and on Instagram, Vine, Flipagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Add the hashtag #SentenciaPorGenocidio with each video.

Suggested Questions:

– Has something changed in Guatemala because of the verdict?

– Have you changed at all because of the guilty verdict?

3. Find a photo or drawing that represents this historical moment in Guatemala and upload it to the Facebook page, as well as on your own social networking sites (Instagram, Flipagram, YouTube, Twitter), using the hashtag #SentenciaPorGenocidio.

4. Help us share information

– “Public opinion on racism and genocide in during the Guatemalan genocide trial against Efraín Ríos Montt,” Marta Elena Casaus Arzú,

– Read the International Justice Monitor Trial Monitor Blog on Efraín Ríos Montt:

– Watch the video “The Verdict, Produced by Skylight:

– Read Open Society’s “The Full Ríos Montt Judgment”,

Nora Christiani

Nora is the Outreach Director at Skylight.

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