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The CICIG Touched a Raw Nerve in the Military and Economic elite

The CICIG* Touched a Raw Nerve in the Military and Economic elite

By Irma Alicia Velásquez Nimatuj

In 500 years, no one has even come close to achieving the high level work that the CICIG team has carried out – except for the government of Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán [1951-54]. The rest of our leaders have done nothing but to take the reins of power and enrich themselves with money that the elite has given them to project their own interests. The economic leaders along with the military elite, who are also corrupt as well as being those who committed genocide and crimes against humanity, are the ones behind [President] Jimmy Morales.  To these two sectors, add organized crime which since the 1980s has co-opted state institutions to serve their business interests.

These three sectors: the corrupt economic elite, the military responsible for crimes during the war and the heads of organized crime are the ones behind the political maneuver that seeks to end the mandate of the CICIG, destroying the little that remains of the rule of law. These absurd decisions create an environment of political uncertainty and risk for Guatemala.

Morales’ actions are a danger to the fragile stability of Central America and lay bare the power of the dark forces that refuse to step aside. His actions show what these forces are capable of in a country the elite consider to be their property. It doesn’t matter to Morales if he destroys Guatemala, to the extreme that education, health and nutrition are almost non-existent for poor people. In addition, the lack of upkeep of the main highways is leading to the bankruptcy of small and medium sized family businesses.

Right now repression is the only weapon with which Morales has to shield himself, which is why, allies in the international community must monitor the actions of this dictador’s apprenticeship. He, along with his bosses are cornered and scared of losing their privileges. Justice is catching up to them.

But this is also a beautiful moment because it offers the possibility that if we organize, we will rid ourselves of the dictador and give birth to another Guatemala.

*CICIG: International Commission Against Immunity in Guatemala

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Originally written in Spanish and published in ElPeriodico of Guatemala.

Ximena Amescua Cuenca

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