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Valentina Vargas
Graphics & Audiovisual Communications
Valentina Vargas is a Colombian storyteller who explores the complex realities of the places she inhabits through documentary filmmaking and performing arts. She describes her experience as an undocumented immigrant in the U.S. as her primary political education which shaped her understanding that nothing is fortuitous and that everything obeys an order held together by systematic oppression. For her, art and storytelling are ways of reflecting on the other, and it is only in the encounter with the otherness that essential connections for the changes needed can be created. Her documentary film Resiliencia, about the forced disappearances in la Comuna 13, a sector of her native city of Medellín, went to multiple festivals worldwide and is still used as a memory archive. Valentina brings her graphic design, audiovisual production and communication skills to Skylight's VIVX program, a mutual support network by environmental and human rights defenders for defenders throughout Latin America.

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