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The Film at the Heart of the Fight

above image: Grading the film with master colorist Ken Sirulnick at Goldcrest Post NY (photo: Skylight) 

You’ve been hearing about it since 2019: BORDERLAND | The Line Within is finished!

It’s been great to share the evolution of our ideas and to introduce you to our collaborators in front of the camera whose stories we’ve shared all along their journey. Though it all takes place across the United States, the film is touched by what’s currently happening in Mexico and Guatemala as well. BORDERLAND | The Line Within will be released in early 2024. 

Screenshot from a New York Times article published November 11, 2023 whose focus our film BORDERLAND l The Line Within confronts.

We intend to inject the film right into the heated national debate about immigration – one that will only increase as we enter full throttle into the 2024 presidential election cycle – and the amount of our tax dollars going into keeping immigrants out of the country creating a vast network to capture, incarcerate and deport, called the border-industrial complex.

Some have said that it is our best film ever, but we’ll let you decide. We’ll share more about how you can see the film soon.

Skylight Familia

James N. Kienitz-Wilkins

Immediately after the October 25th mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, we heard from filmmaker James N. Kienitz-Wilkins. He had written a reflection about the tragedy in his hometown and his relationship to it for Light Industry.

James’ films have been shown at MOMA, the New York Film Festival and featured at the Whitney Biennial, among other honors and he’s worked with us on The Reckoning and Granito and has been a constant presence giving us feedback on all aspects of our productions and post-productions. James is also our son-in-law.

In his Light Industry essay, he recalls having co-directed (with John Aaron Frank) a short film in 2002 while still a teenager simply called Lewiston. He’s offered us all access to the film through International Human Rights Day, December 10th. Watch Lewiston (password: lewiston) here

Pamela Yates

Pamela Yates is an award-winning film director and the co-founder of Skylight, a not-for-profit media organization that for over 35 years has combined cinematic arts with the quest for justice to inspire the defense of human rights. Skylight’s films and programs strengthen social justice movements and catalyze collaborative networks of artists and activists.

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